Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Every Beginning's End

I have watched GeoEngineering ruin my beautiful desert sky. 

I am a skywatcher, amateur astronomer. I am also the editor of the VDP Gazette, writer at Undawnted, and publisher of Sonoran Dawn Studios. 

What upsets me is the lines in the sky that has changed cloud formations and storms in front of my very eyes. The sky is now ugly with white goo. Even on blue sky days, the horizons are filled with sickly white lines. 

Who is doing this atmospheric destruction? And, why? 

That is what we are going to discover while logging photographic evidence and eyewitness testimony. 

I hope you join me on this expedition. I hope you get a blog of your own to log all the atmospheric damage being conducting on a daily basis around the world. So we can bring the beginning to an end called GeoEngineering.