Social Media Guidelines

GeoRangers and Sonoran Dawn has had some incidents of belligerent and destructive individuals over a difference of opinion. To that end, we have had to create a healthy boundary of behavior that we expect from our audience.
If you do not like a point of view shared by one of our writers or artists, then write a coherent, well cited, and well written article on why your point of view is correct and submit the piece like everyone else has to do.

There is absolutely NO excuse to create a hostile writing environment, which has happened by a discordant group of Social Justice Warriors. It is unfortunate for people who force inclusion on others but exclude anyone else's point of view who doesn't fit into their limited schema. 
Rules of engagement for our social media accounts: 
  • If you report posts because you disagree, you will be banned/blocked. 
  • If you throw a temper tantrum and disrupt our normal operations, you will be banned/blocked. 
  • If you are verbally abusive or threatening, you will be banned/blocked.  
  • If you disagree but act like an adult, then we can have an open, honest, and frank discussion.
These are simple rules of etiquette to follow when you are a guest on someone else's page. Sonoran Dawn is a disabled, woman/minority run operation. That fact has been ignored in order for some to throw their weight around and offer no tangible content in return, but hate-filled abuse.

Sonoran Dawn stands by all journalistic and nonfiction pieces that are intellectually honest, but we do not tolerate threats. If you do not engage with Sonoran Dawn Studios regularly (liking, commenting, and submitting) but are all too offended by some article or essay, then you are simply an agent of chaos and are unwelcome to disrupt our daily operations.  
Disagreeing is fine. Violence and harassment are not tolerated. 
If you need professional counseling, please seek it.

Thank you.