Health Alerts

In its continued aim to bring awareness, the VDP Gazette is bringing its readership Air Quality and GeoEngineering Health Alerts. 

Air Quality Alerts:

VDP Gazette Alerts for Air Quality will follow the AQI/ADEQ guidelines for warnings:

GeoEngeineering Health Alerts:

Since there are no specific guidelines, the VDP Gazette has established its own warning system named after the editor: The Mullan Scale.

Minimal - When the skies are a silvery blue and the horizons are white-silver, spraying is being conducted in frontal boundaries on the cusp of the region with chemicals being made present in the upper atmosphere.

Associated Warning: "Sensitive Persons May React to Atmospheric Toxic Chemicals." 
Low - When cumulus clouds showing signs of chemical enhancement from wispy-, vaporous-, or prism- like qualities that are not inherently associated with normal formation are present. 
Associated Warning: "Persons with Respiratory Illness Limit Outside Activity."
Medium - When active chemical spraying is occurring within the Phoenix Metropolitan area, these toxic nanoparticulates are airborne, imminent, and visible. 
Associated Warning: "Persons with Respiratory Illness Stay in Filtered Air."
High - When spraying is conducted overhead, en mass, and with repeated application to the sky causing solar radiation reduction and cloudy conditions not directly associated with a passing front, but to limit its precipitant impact with desiccants. 

Associated Warning: "Persons with Serious Health Issues Limit Activity unless in Nanoparticulate Filtered Air." 
Critical - When GeoEngineering is conducted several days in a row causing respiratory ailments, allergic reactions, and emergency room visits for unspecified illness or life threatening episodes across a broad spectrum of healthy to immune-compromised individuals.

Associated Warning: "Everyone is to Seek Nanoparticulate Filtered Air." 

All GeoEngineering Warnings are subject to change in accordance with weather and spraying conditions.

If you feel ill on days where Solar Radiation Management or GeoEngineering is taking place, please seek immediate medical attention. The VDP Gazette may only inform the public of possible geoengineering and cannot diagnosis ailments associated with such programs. Please seek medical advice.